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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

They start work in December and road relocation : SEDATU

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas . - The next December will start road works , construction and relocation of housing in municipalities that were affected by the storm Ingrid , said the delegate of the Ministry of Agricultural , Regional and Urban Development.

Sergio Guajardo Maldonado and the resource for the construction of overhead bridge ford in Modern neighborhood in this capital city and ford access to the municipality of Ocampo, has arrived , so according to the regulations of the Natural Disaster Fund is these works may turn out next month.

"In the month of December and we shall be begun work in that part of housing and part of roadways that there is already a resource for immediate support in particular is the ford of Modern colony and the ford of access to Ocampo for the part of Chamal . "

Also the construction of the houses of the families that were affected by this natural phenomenon and living in a danger zone start.

In this vein relates Guajardo Maldonado , and dialogue with mayors , especially those of Mante and Ocampo to help them select free and safe places to build new homes as they are in these which have been a major problem.

"We are talking with the lords municipal president especially in the part of the relocation , I commented in recent days, the case of Mante and Ocampo is where we bring the most damage in the issue of housing need there support from the Presidents to locate areas that are out of danger areas on the one hand and on the other to raise awareness with colleagues who have to relocate to accept the effect of changing the location in your home . "

"They are about 35 families who will benefit from this relocation program , only those 2 towns ," he said .

So far the families have not shown signs of negativity or to relocate, said the delegate SEDATU , so trust there is no major problem , but remembered " The construction of such housing and support that necessarily in a different place the affected " , otherwise not accessed.

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