Ether Blogs: It increased to 30 percent in robberies of shops Tamaulipas border

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It increased to 30 percent in robberies of shops Tamaulipas border

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - During the month of December increased to 30 percent in robberies against businesses established in the municipalities of Tamaulipas border which the FECANACO attributes to this date in the United States takes more deportations .

In an interview, the president of the National Federation of Chambers of Commerce in the state , Julio Almanza Armas noted that are up to 150 people are deported daily only by the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros.

" I generate situations of social problems because they do not bring money , come with some disease, some have criminal records or simply do not have the resources to travel to their place of origin ," he said .

In addition , he explained, the deportees to enter the country without passing through a filter and this is said , that in the border towns where they are sent , there is no plan , much less a strategy for these people.

Almanza Armas hoped that through the program , "We are all Mexico " , that on December 18 the Interior Ministry deployed to Tamaulipas meet this problem and provide resources for all municipalities to support them.

" Migratory seasons, a specific budget , labeling, for work on infrastructure building , bathrooms, bedrooms , healthcare 'to the question of whether patients are intended deportees He required," he said.

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