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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Necessary to disseminate laws in favor of women

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - In a social necessity dissemination of laws in favor of women in general and in particular those relating to non-violence towards them , consider Senator Maki Esther Ortiz Dominguez. Chair Committee on Health , who claims that violence affects physical and emotional health of the victims.

States that since February 2007 the Mexican men and have the protection of the General Law on Women's Access to a Life Free of Violence, which seeks to prevent, punish and eradicate violence against women :

" However, both population and government and the private sector must continue to ensure that the provisions of the Act will materialize and actually live a Mexico without violence against women , we spread the fight against violence against women and we support every day those that are afraid to report . "

To commemorate this 25 November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women internationally the call to end violence against women without reservation or delay is equivocal .

This year the campaign of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence , part since 25 November when the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is commemorated , until 10 December, Human Rights Day human .

To Senator Ortíz Domínguez is critical that the care of women's health begins at home having a life free of violence , so it is critical that women know the laws and the rights arising from them to enforce them towards their welfare and that of their families .

It increased to 30 percent in robberies of shops Tamaulipas border

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - During the month of December increased to 30 percent in robberies against businesses established in the municipalities of Tamaulipas border which the FECANACO attributes to this date in the United States takes more deportations .

In an interview, the president of the National Federation of Chambers of Commerce in the state , Julio Almanza Armas noted that are up to 150 people are deported daily only by the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros.

" I generate situations of social problems because they do not bring money , come with some disease, some have criminal records or simply do not have the resources to travel to their place of origin ," he said .

In addition , he explained, the deportees to enter the country without passing through a filter and this is said , that in the border towns where they are sent , there is no plan , much less a strategy for these people.

Almanza Armas hoped that through the program , "We are all Mexico " , that on December 18 the Interior Ministry deployed to Tamaulipas meet this problem and provide resources for all municipalities to support them.

" Migratory seasons, a specific budget , labeling, for work on infrastructure building , bathrooms, bedrooms , healthcare 'to the question of whether patients are intended deportees He required," he said.

Freezing to suspend classes : Diodorus War

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Till zero degrees Celsius was recorded when teaching assignments will be interrupted to safeguard the integrity of infants, the education secretary , said at the low temperatures recorded throughout the Tamaulipas territory.

Diodorus Guerra Rodriguez released according to the standards established by the agency in charge , when the temperature reaches 5 degrees Celsius leave consideration of parents not wearing or their children to school, but when even lower temperature and reaches zero degrees , classes are suspended until conditions improve in order not to expose infants.

" Under 5 degrees are already parents you choose , if it reaches zero degrees if the work is suspended ."

These indications are that have been issued to educational institutions and directors of schools , to take the precautionary measures judged he said.

" We have reiterated the circular you already know where the trip down as they will be taking in case any contingency both under 5 degrees and at zero as well and that we have ratified is filed ."

Delaying the time of entry to the school is , could be a possibility to be analyzed in each school and depending on the conditions to register , said , however so far nothing has not been enacted .

Remember that the state epidemiologist , has called on the management of the schools to avoid imparting physical education class outdoors to avoid exposure to inclement weather , also have requested pending that infants wash hands to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, which until now are recorded around 20 thousand per week .

They start work in December and road relocation : SEDATU

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas . - The next December will start road works , construction and relocation of housing in municipalities that were affected by the storm Ingrid , said the delegate of the Ministry of Agricultural , Regional and Urban Development.

Sergio Guajardo Maldonado and the resource for the construction of overhead bridge ford in Modern neighborhood in this capital city and ford access to the municipality of Ocampo, has arrived , so according to the regulations of the Natural Disaster Fund is these works may turn out next month.

"In the month of December and we shall be begun work in that part of housing and part of roadways that there is already a resource for immediate support in particular is the ford of Modern colony and the ford of access to Ocampo for the part of Chamal . "

Also the construction of the houses of the families that were affected by this natural phenomenon and living in a danger zone start.

In this vein relates Guajardo Maldonado , and dialogue with mayors , especially those of Mante and Ocampo to help them select free and safe places to build new homes as they are in these which have been a major problem.

"We are talking with the lords municipal president especially in the part of the relocation , I commented in recent days, the case of Mante and Ocampo is where we bring the most damage in the issue of housing need there support from the Presidents to locate areas that are out of danger areas on the one hand and on the other to raise awareness with colleagues who have to relocate to accept the effect of changing the location in your home . "

"They are about 35 families who will benefit from this relocation program , only those 2 towns ," he said .

So far the families have not shown signs of negativity or to relocate, said the delegate SEDATU , so trust there is no major problem , but remembered " The construction of such housing and support that necessarily in a different place the affected " , otherwise not accessed.

Soon Congress will Lomeli

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . President of the Political Coordination Board in the State Congress, Ramiro Ramos Salinas said that at a later date the Secretary of Public Safety in Tamaulipas, Rafael Lomeli Martinez will meet with the deputies.

Interviewed this morning , prior to the meeting, the PRI legislator was questioned regarding why Lomeli Martinez was not called before the full or with commissions as will six Secretaries of State, in this regard, clarified that are only fulfilling a formality but the officer soon will have meetings with the deputies.

"It is not ruled out at a later date can have meetings not only appearances but Rafael Lomeli directly with Attorney ( Ismael Quintanilla Acosta ) ," he said after claiming that both officials are interested in maintaining contact with local MPs .

Salinas Ramos acknowledged that the format of the hearings is not perfect however, said once completed the six appearances of the Secretaries to be sent call from tomorrow, probably will make some modifications.

"No format is perfect, everyone is perfectible , and I think in that sense to the extent that deplete these six exhibitions maybe we analyze, see other matches or maybe change the format ," he said , adding that this is good because it gives feedback .

The six secretaries who will appear before Congress are: Manuel Rodríguez Morales , head of Public Works to the full , Homero de la Garza Tamez , head of SEDESOL and Norberto Treviño García Manzo of the Ministry of Health will appear before committees , the three will do tomorrow .

By Thursday, Rafael Benavides González , Secretary of Labor and Legal Affairs and Humberto Salinas René Treviño , Secretary of Development and Environment to the full , and Mónica González García , Secretary of Economic Development before commissions.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gold prom dress

Is it about your graduation and do not know how to dress? It is very likely that when choosing your dress get confused and not know that clothing choice, if you want to shine at your graduation chooses to wear a gold dress, with this tone did not spend that perceived and brands trend among girls.

The golden hue reposition itself has achieved one of the highest positions in fashion, thanks to stars like Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift in the most important celebrations wore this gold has been recovered its glamor.

Gold dresses are a perfect option to stand out from the rest of the party guests, they also make you look like a diva will help highlight your figure and give a sensual touch.

There are a lot of designs of gold-tone dresses, but if you want to look young and keep fresh looks opt for a mini model, full of sequins and a lot of cleavage, we assure you that this combination does not fail and will look splendid.

We must also remember the golden color is able to sit well with any skin tone, thanks to its warm hue makes all skin test look sexy and attractive.