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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Freezing to suspend classes : Diodorus War

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Till zero degrees Celsius was recorded when teaching assignments will be interrupted to safeguard the integrity of infants, the education secretary , said at the low temperatures recorded throughout the Tamaulipas territory.

Diodorus Guerra Rodriguez released according to the standards established by the agency in charge , when the temperature reaches 5 degrees Celsius leave consideration of parents not wearing or their children to school, but when even lower temperature and reaches zero degrees , classes are suspended until conditions improve in order not to expose infants.

" Under 5 degrees are already parents you choose , if it reaches zero degrees if the work is suspended ."

These indications are that have been issued to educational institutions and directors of schools , to take the precautionary measures judged he said.

" We have reiterated the circular you already know where the trip down as they will be taking in case any contingency both under 5 degrees and at zero as well and that we have ratified is filed ."

Delaying the time of entry to the school is , could be a possibility to be analyzed in each school and depending on the conditions to register , said , however so far nothing has not been enacted .

Remember that the state epidemiologist , has called on the management of the schools to avoid imparting physical education class outdoors to avoid exposure to inclement weather , also have requested pending that infants wash hands to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, which until now are recorded around 20 thousand per week .

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