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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Soon Congress will Lomeli

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . President of the Political Coordination Board in the State Congress, Ramiro Ramos Salinas said that at a later date the Secretary of Public Safety in Tamaulipas, Rafael Lomeli Martinez will meet with the deputies.

Interviewed this morning , prior to the meeting, the PRI legislator was questioned regarding why Lomeli Martinez was not called before the full or with commissions as will six Secretaries of State, in this regard, clarified that are only fulfilling a formality but the officer soon will have meetings with the deputies.

"It is not ruled out at a later date can have meetings not only appearances but Rafael Lomeli directly with Attorney ( Ismael Quintanilla Acosta ) ," he said after claiming that both officials are interested in maintaining contact with local MPs .

Salinas Ramos acknowledged that the format of the hearings is not perfect however, said once completed the six appearances of the Secretaries to be sent call from tomorrow, probably will make some modifications.

"No format is perfect, everyone is perfectible , and I think in that sense to the extent that deplete these six exhibitions maybe we analyze, see other matches or maybe change the format ," he said , adding that this is good because it gives feedback .

The six secretaries who will appear before Congress are: Manuel Rodríguez Morales , head of Public Works to the full , Homero de la Garza Tamez , head of SEDESOL and Norberto Treviño García Manzo of the Ministry of Health will appear before committees , the three will do tomorrow .

By Thursday, Rafael Benavides González , Secretary of Labor and Legal Affairs and Humberto Salinas René Treviño , Secretary of Development and Environment to the full , and Mónica González García , Secretary of Economic Development before commissions.

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